Family Fun at the Asbury Park Boardwalk…

I was asked by my friend to photograph his family and I said of course but this time I was vey nervous.  You see my friend is an amazing photographer at Anoop Shah Photography and I really wanted to impress him so I did my best. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  And just an fyi, baby Shah came into the world just days later!!

Shah Family 8-16-14-7597 Shah Family 8-16-14-7956 Shah Family 8-16-14-7879 Shah Family 8-16-14-7857 Shah Family 8-16-14-7829 Shah Family 8-16-14-7792 Shah Family 8-16-14-7760Shah Family 8-16-14-7524 Shah Family 8-16-14-7504 Shah Family 8-16-14-7441-Edit Shah Family 8-16-14-7473-Edit Shah Family 8-16-14-7386

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